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“The first Hyborian kingdom had come into being: The rude and barbaric kingdom of Hyperborea, which had its beginning in a crude fortress of boulders heaped to repel tribal attack. The people of this tribe soon abandoned their horse-hide tent for stone houses, crudely but mightily built, and thus protected, they grew strong…”

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The Khazari Tribes

The Khazari Tribes dwell on the great plains that border on the kingdom of Turan, a loose conglomeration of nomadic tribes and petty kingdoms. Their word for themselves, Khazari, means “free men”, reflecting both their status as horse nomads and as ancient enemies of the hated Hyperborean slavers. A diverse bunch, the Khazari serve numerous chieftains and kings, sharing a language and a shamanistic tradition between them.

King Bishtak, the dead King of Ondar.
King Aldin-chaa, son of Bishtak and his first wife Anay.
Princess Imzash, the would-be bride of Ögedei.
Princess Vashtu, an esteemed archer.
Prince Tolui, a spoiled child.

Old Uncle Baatar, a famed warrior.
Tengar, a veteran warrior.
Roylik, an Ondar man.

Other Tribes:
Moonhawk, a singer of long songs.
Manduhai, a Merkit warrior-woman.
Xuren, Moonhawk’s cousin.
Izdir, a Nagalai traitor who killed his kin.

Ögedei of the Merkit Tribe
Jamukha of the Kongar Tribe

The Northern Khural
Prince Tobur, a wealthy man with a great herd.
Jarkha, formerly of the Nagalai
Ay-demir, Tobur’s first wife
Shulami, Tobur’s second wife
Ilcham, one of Tobur’s closest men
Vargerim, a hunter, good marriage material

Sabriye, a shaman woman
Tashik, one of the men slain by the Ape

Borchim, the Khan Tobur slew
Zeynep, Borchim’s daughter
Irgizash, Borchim’s wife

The Vulture Tribe:
Grandmother Kiryat, Vulture Tribe elder
Shigatse, the Vulture Tribe diplomat
Azim, Vulture Tribe warrior

Araataan, the Bear Woman

The Valley of Fires
Khazari Names
Khazari Culture
Recent Events

Major Tribes:
Ondar, of the eponymous fort
Kongar, their allies
Merkit, a rival tribe of archers
Nagalai, a ruined tribe, raided by Hyperboreans
Khutan, a rugged tribe of yak herders
Nuur, warriors and fishermen
Samarkha, Turan-friendly merchants

The Hyperboreans

Boyar Valishin of Poitavi
Chief Crahask

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