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The Serpent of Izdir

“Yezdigerd, king of Turan, was the mightiest monarch in the world. In his palace in the great port city of Aghrapur was heaped the plunder of empires. His fleets of purple-sailed war galleys had made Vilayet an Hyrkanian lake. The dark-skinned people of Zamora paid him tribute, as did the eastern provinces of Koth. The Shemites bowed to his rule as far west as Shushan.”

Dramatis Personae

Nazrim the Fat, decadent general of Yezdigerd’s army.
Ta-Hotep, apprentice of the necromancer Semer-Nekh.
Captain Ashgar, noble privateer captain
Captain Abdulkadir, friend to the heroes
Maraphis, the Merchant of Izdir
Hazad the Dragon, leader of the Cult of Ibis

The Story Thus Far:

General Nazrim has conquered the city-state of Izdir in the name of Turan, and his soldiers busy themselves looting the wealthy realm. But here he has brought his prisoner, Hazad the Dragon, and with him enslaved the Cult of Ibis, hoping to reveal the secrets of their ancestors, the Zhemri Empire of which Zamora is the last vestige. To his aid, he has also the necromancer Ta-Hotep of Stygia, whose path has crossed with our heroes before…

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