Merchant turned Pirate


Name: Nepharkarim
Homeland: Stygia
Language: Stygian, Turanian.
Trait: Desert-Born

Agility 9
Awareness 12
Brawn 8
Coordination 10
Intelligence 7
Personality 8
Willpower. 8

Caste: Merchant
Social Standing: 1

Merchant Stories: The Lash of Taxation
Trait: Witness to Brutality
Friend and co-smuggler tortured and murdered by Stygian elite.

Archetype: Pirate
Nature: Scheming
Education: Educated by Masterful Tutors
War Stories: Prevented a Disaster
(Warned neighbouring nation Argos of impending Stygian invasion. Was made a Privateer as reward)

Observation: +5 Expertise, +5 Focus
Parry: +4 Expertise, +4 Focus
Survival: +3 Expertise, +3 Focus
Melee: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Discipline: +2 Expertise, +2 Focus
Resistance: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Sailing: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Thievery: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Command: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Counsel: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Acrobatics: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Lore: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Craft: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Persuade: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus

Letter of praise and introduction from your tutor
A Sabre engraved with prayers and oaths (Reach 2, 3d6, Cavalry 1, Parrying)
Rough hammered jewellery

Merchant: Tradesman (When carousing, go into negative gold and be fine)
Merchant: Vagabond (Reduce difficulty of survival rolls on roads by 1)
Observation: Sharp Senses (May reroll 1d20 when rolling Observation)
Parry: Deflection (-1 Doom to defend), Riposte (+1 Doom to counterattack)
Survival: Born Wild (Reduce all Survival Roll to find shelter and food by 1)

Vigor: 9
Resolve: 10
Gold: 8




Steel and Silk Riklurt Nallenon