Steel and Silk

Invasion from the North

The kinsmen were from our brother tribe, the Kongar. One of them, Xuren, left to inform our kin that northern invaders. The other, Moonhawk, decided to come along with us. He is a singer, and a rather agreeable man. He informed us that the Northerners had invaded the valley of Fire, and attacked the flame posts. We cannot let this stand. While our task is important, it will amount to nothing, if the Hyperboreans remain in control of the valley.

We rode on through the day, and with brother Moonhawk’s expertise we were able to make it there by dusk. We decided to go to the Kongar outpost, as that is where the men from Ondar currently reside. However, we saw a camp on a hill just before the outpost. Myself and Ahriman went to, quietly, take out the camp, while Moonhawk went to gather our brothers. We joined our brothers in the camp after the short battle, and they informed us that the Hyperboreans came from the north, and that the Merkit had charged into the valley to stop them, but they lost. However, not all had died due to sword and spear, some had been ripped apart.

Thus, Ahriman was concerned that we had angered the spirits. He geared up in his full shaman regalia, and painted myself and Moonhawk with ritual markings. We hoped this would be enough to allow us access to the spiritual grounds, without challenge. Not that I know… What kinda challenge we would be to spirits. Regardless, we must save our kin, and cleanse the valley from the invaders.

It was already dark, and we were all jumpy. The worst we had to contend with was nature, however, a sinkhole that tried to claim Ahriman. And we arrived to check on the Nagalai outpost. We erred on the side of caution, should the northern brothers have betrayed us, or have been taken out. We engaged in a plan where Ahriman went around to the west, and charged in from the side, while I attack from the east. Brother Moonhawk would set a fire, so our vision would be less clouded. During my approach I stumbled upon our kinsmen, they were left in the dirt outside. I hid, and waited for the guards to appear, at which point I ended them. I gave my brothers my knife, so could free themselves. Maybe I should’ve stayed with them? I… I heard Ahriman’s fight going on upstairs, he seemed cornered. Before I had time to think through what I should do, I was already up there… My blood was pumping… These northern dogs… They were trying to chain freemen… They stomped through our sacred grounds… They tried to end our shaman, our brother… As he tried to strike Ahriman, my blade moved in the way… I could hear words beating in my head: We are the sword and shield of Ondar, Kuze… You know that already. Soon you may be alone, though. He spoke, in a tongue I had all but forgotten… The tongue my mother had taught me. He would take brother Ahriman with him to his dark lord?! Not as long as I draw breath… I answered, unwittingly, in my mother tongue, before I cut him down. Ahriman thanked me. H-he called me sister. Whatsmore, we spoke to our Ondar brothers. And Tengar, one who had given me a good amount of grief over the years, called me Kuzeyli… Not Mule. It… gave me hope. Perhaps there’s a place for me here, even without my father.


Riklurt MrGreany

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