Steel and Silk

All according to the planned

We were all a bit shaken up after what had happened over the past few days, so I felt we all needed a bit of a break. To that end, I decided to visit our new found friends to see if they could aid us. The herb…—flower picker— provided me with some herbs that helps with hangovers, and something that would help Ahriman with his wound. I vowed to protect him… He is still alive, but I failed to keep him safe. I also drew a bath for us to wash up properly. Zeynep went first, followed by Manduhai, and myself. I had figured this might spawn some awkwardness… Given the whole… Getting naked part. Ahriman for his part did what he could to distract the older men. But, I failed to take into account the washing. I helped Zeynep, Zeynep ended up helping me and Manduhai, so far so good. I ended up washing Ahriman. He seemed very tense, unsurprisingly. Lastly Khurdan went into the bath, and we all kinda sighed in relief. No particular reason, I mean he doesn’t at all smell like moldy forest, or anything. Something did strike me… Manduhai is a warrior, like myself. I thought my scars would be… Less conspicuous. But her skin was… Seemingly untouched. I envied her. I left it behind me. I even treat them kindly when I see them now. They were young… I was young… We didn’t know any better. As Baatar would have said, When will you stop making up excuses for them? Baatar didn’t act like a bully because he wanted to… He had to. My fault. I pushed these thoughts to the back of my mind, and went to fetch our bread from Ilyana.

The next morning, we set up to leave. There is this strange feeling in the air when warrior know they are setting out to fight. I did not have to speak to Manduhai to know that she too was to save the Khazari slaves by the bridge. Zeynep did not seem surprised either. Khurdan though… While he seems better, he has a long way to go. It would be 2 days march before we reach the tower, however. The first day nothing happened, though Zeynep kept close eyes on the bushes, probably still with wolves close in mind. I can’t blame her, wolves are scary. Not as scary as bears! But that’s a completely different subject altogether. In the morning of the next day, Ahriman said he heard some people nearby. Him and Khurdan went to investigate. Me and Manduhai flanked Zeynep, staring into the forest. The two men returned and told us that a fight had happened nearby. We checked the corpses, to find more information about what we’re up against. We also took one of their armors, as a possible disguise.

That was the plan. It was a good plan. I mean… I got up the tower, did I not? Oh, Kuze… Sometimes you are truly dumb… I approached during the night, clad in their armor. Before I could make it to the tower, one of the Hyperborean guards called me out, and a woman approached me. She brought me to the one in charge. I was trying to convince them that I here under the Boyar Belgaru’s pay and orders. It was a hard sell, so I spiced it up with describing an attack party that I run into. That would not happen until daaaays ahead. That will happen tonight! What? Two Khazari warriors! A shaman and their guide. Oh no. So, they rang the alarm. BUT! I was taken to the tower, where I am setting up my plot to take out the archers. All according to the plan…


Riklurt MrGreany

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